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In Matthew chapter 28, verses 19 and 20, Jesus commanded his disciples...


"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:  teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you...". 


      The need for sharing salvation through Jesus Christ is just as needed today as it was two thousand years ago, and so BHBC undertakes to fulfill Jesus' command both through sending its own members forth into full time service for Christ, and through supporting dedicated full-time missionaries sent out by other like-minded churches and mission agencies.


      In addition to providing regular financial support to our missionaries, we strive to maintain a close working relationship with them through regular missionary updates and times of prayer in our services, offerings for special projects, missions trips, and having them speak in our services as frequently as schedules allow.

Brian and Diana Starre have served the Lord full time since 1985 here in northeast Ohio.  In 2001, the Lord led them to start the Helping, Encouraging And Refreshing Together (H.E.A.R.T.) Ministry out of Broadview Heights Baptist Church.  Patterned after the New Testament ministry of Barnabas, the Starres assist local churches through a variety of seminars, Bible studies, visitation help and instruction, pulpit supply...whatever the Lord gives them to share.  A full description of their ministry and access to their printed materials can be found at

We also treasure our opportunity to support many other missionary families as a part of our ministry. 

The Canavan family, sent out of Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia, serve with Baptist International Missions, Inc. ( as church planters in the country of Ireland.  You can find out the latest from the Canavans at

The Carpenter family works full time in the Bearing Precious Seed ministry of Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The Bearing Precious Seed ministry prints and distributes Bibles and other Christian literature, frequently working on projects for missionaries on foreign fields. 

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Jim & Emi Civale pic 2.jpg

The Civale Family are church planters working in the independent nation of Samoa.  They are sent out of Dry Run Independent Baptist Church of Duncansville, Pennsylvania, and minister under the auspices of Baptist International Missions, Inc. (  You can learn more about their ministry at

Gary and Barbara Forney have served the Lord many years reaching the people of arctic Canada.  In 1996, the Lord led them to start Points North Baptist Mission ( out of their sending church, Calvary Baptist Church of New Philadelphia, Ohio.  In addition to directing the mission and assisting othe PNBM missionaries, the Forneys continue to minister in the field of Canada's Northwest Territories. 

Another long-serving missionary couple are Dan and Terri Gardner.  Serving with Baptist International Missions, Inc. (, the Gardners work as church planters on the island of Okinawa in Japan. 

Pat and Greta Gordon were veteran missionaries to Zambia when the Lord called them to serve with the home office of their mission board, Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission (  FBWWM is a ministry of East Side Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.  The Gordon's travel throughout the United States on behalf of the mission recruiting new missionaries, training others in the ministry, encouraging supporting churches, and assisting FBWWM missionaries in a variety of ways.


Al and Elizabeth Hamilton currently serve on the Italian island of Sicily, primarily ministering to US military servicemen and their families.  They have previously served as church planters in Uganda and Puerto Rico.  The Hamiltons are sent out of Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia and serve with Baptist International Missions, Inc. (

Serving on Baffin Island, Canada are Paul and Loretta Hitz and their children.  The Hitz family are sent out of Emmanuel Independent Baptist Church of Dallas, North Carolina, and serve under the auspices of All Points Baptist Mission

Larry and Cheryl Ingalls work with the Baptist Couriers for Christ ministry out of Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This ministry supplies literature and organizes church planting campaigns in eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.

Joe and Kristin Lemon and their children are church planters working in South Korea.  The Lemons are sent out of Independent Baptist Church of Anchorage in Alaska and serve with Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission (  You can learn more about their ministry at their website, .

Robert and Wendy Mickey and their family serve the Lord in Kenya as church planters.  They are sent out of Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio and serve under Fundamental Baptist World-Wide Mission (

Jim and Laura Pranger are currently serving as church planters in Budapest, Hungary, after serving for a number of years in Russia.  They are sent out of Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Go and his wife, Danielle are on the field of Japan and excited about the work God has called them to.  Pray for them as they work to reach the lost in this country. 

Roberts Family pic 2018.jpg

The Nathan and Laura Roberts Family serve as church planters in South Africa.  They minister alongside Stewart and Judy Overmiller, Laura's parents, who are also supported by BHBC.  The Roberts are sent out of Mukwonago Baptist Church in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. 

The Tom and Addie Rooney Family are church planters working in Gainsborough, England. They are sent out of Newark Baptist Temple in Newark, Ohio.

Mike and Penny for Display.png

The Mike and Penny Smith family minister are church planters working in Tallinn, Estonia.  They are sent out of West Coast Baptist Church in Vista, California.

Walter and Simone Stevens are veteran missionaries to the Gypsy people.  He has worked in a number of locations here in the United States and in Europe.  He is currently ministering in the country of Pakistan.  He is sent out of Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.  


Chris Baran and family are missionaries living in Cebu, Philippines. He and his family have been serving the Lord at North Cebu Baptist Church for six years now.
They have three children; Abigail who is 7, Micah age 5, and their new baby, Philip. 

The Rains family serve in the country of Kenya, East Africa.  They are sent from the Mukwonago Baptist Church In Wisconsin and have been serving Kenya for several years.  You can find more information at


Nat and Ann Williams are serving the Burmese people from the country of Thailand.  

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