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      At BHBC we enjoy traditional, conservative music in our services.  Time-tested, beloved hymns and gospel songs form the backbone of our music program, but songs of more recent composition that follow a traditional style are also used, including some written by members of BHBC. 

     Member participation in our music program is greatly encouraged.   Opportunities are available for all ages and ability levels.   Currently, our musical groups consist of the following.

  • Adult Mixed Choir  (age 12 and up)

  • Men’s Choir  (age 12 and up)

  • Ladies Choir  (age 12 and up)

  • Children’s Choir (ages 4 - 12)    

  • Young Men’s Chorus (ages 12 – 20)

  • Young Ladies Chorus (ages 12 – 20)

  • Orchestra (age 12 and up)


     Additionally, small groups and families perform special pieces for the Sunday morning and Sunday evening services each week.


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