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A Day to Remember

There are a few times in life when something happens that is so significant that you remember what you were doing when you heard it.

Today is a day like that. Today for the first time in our generation, the killing of unborn babies is illegal on a national level.

This is significant because when laws are made that are just and right, it sets our country in a direction that is right.

We all agree that the answer ultimately is in the hearts of people that are changed by the gospel. In other words, when the demand for abortion is gone that will be the true victory. But in a broken and sinful world, good laws make a good nation.

Going forward, now is the time for Christians to step up and speak to the redeeming grace of God. Life and relationships and morality are all moral issues. What better place to begin than the very word of God for answers to all these things.

We ought to support the weak, we ought to provide for the fatherless and the motherless. This is the role of God's people. We can step up by fostering and adopting children, bringing hope to young mothers who are overwhelmed-- The older ladies teaching them how to be mothers.

We rejoice in the decision made today by our Supreme Court but the battle is far from over!

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