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Responsibility. What does this mean? Depending on whom you ask, you will get many answers both negative and positive. To some people new expectations are intimidating, and they are uncomfortable stepping out of their comfort zone perhaps feeling failure.

Others, however, see a new responsibility as a challenge to better themselves. A promotion at work, for example, gives a person a sense of accomplishment and proves he can handle responsibilities on a higher level.

Becoming a father is an overwhelming and daunting experience. These feelings are normal for a new father, but many opportunities lay ahead of him that will overshadow those initial doubts. New milestones in a child’s life help dad appreciate not only his child but also his/her accomplishments.

Love your children and tell them often. Learning how to love comes by experience and a willingness to put your child’s needs before your own. Get to know your children individually. Each has special interests and unique abilities. Foster those interests and encourage their abilities. Be involved in helping them realize their potential. A child needs positive reinforcement and unconditional acceptance. He needs a parent who is always there for him-not someone who is distant emotionally and physically.

Continual criticism can scar a child for life. Favoritism creates another lifelong problem in a child’s view of himself. Both situations create the lasting impression that he/she will never measure up to anyone’s expectations.

As a father you are the example to your child. Pray often for godly wisdom to raise him/her to love and accept God. Show them what that means by how you live your life, being consistent in all you have taught them and in all you do.

Ruth Barnes

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