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When we hear the word “refuge,” what comes to mind? A hiding place? Safety from harm? As believers we know that God is our refuge and strength. He is our anchor, keeping us grounded in this turbulent world. We need security—He is there. We need love—He is there. We need protection—He is there. Everything He gives us He gives without reservation. He knows our needs but wants us to share them with Him. Communication is a two-way street. As we read His Word and pray, He gives us understanding. He is in control of every situation at all times, and everything He does is for our good. Our trials as well as our triumphs make us more aware of His presence and His love.

Have you ever seen a picture of a solitary person on a high cliff with no obvious way of escape? Many times the Lord shelters us from the storms in the same way in order to have us focus our attention solely on Him. The danger on every side is secondary when we are with Him. Because we each are His child, He draws us aside to to teach us lessons we need to learn. We need to mature in whatever way He deems best. There is a purpose for every storm in our lives. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, but time spent with Him is what really matters.

Ruth Barnes

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