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“Give me liberty or give me death.” This statement of Patrick Henry, which no doubt was said with great emotion, showed how strongly he felt about his choice. It was certain that he would not settle for anything less. His conviction left no room for compromise.

As we celebrate Independence Day, we need to remember all the sacrifices that were made. Every person who has served our country is responsible in some way to make us who we are as a people today. Because of them we can enjoy the freedoms we have received, thanks to their dedication to their missions. We should also take time to reflect on small and not so small blessings that many times we take for granted. We are free to do many things that others are not able to do because of different situations. Our thankfulness makes us more appreciative and opens our eyes to what we may not have noticed before. Being thankful gives us a better view of ourselves. Honesty is always the best policy especially when it comes to taking a good look at ourselves. If we are honest with ourselves, many times we see need of improvement in some area(s) of our lives.

As believers we can make a spiritual application to the words spoken by Patrick Henry. Before we came to know the Lord, we had two choices in front of us: accept the Lord as our Savior or face eternal condemnation. In this state, we have no peace, no joy, no future—only torment and an eternity without God. Christ gives us freedom from the clutches of death, and by having a relationship with Him, we enjoy liberty. We can live the life He intends us to live under His protection. Our lives are in His hands, and we know nothing can separate us from His love. We have that security because He tells us in His Word that He is always with us.

We need to keep close to Him through prayer and by reading His Word. By communing with Him in these ways, we can better understand His will to use us in particular ways. All of us are part of the Body of Christ, and as such we are each a part of the whole. We each have our own part to play to further His program.

When we accept the Lord as Savior, liberty is a privilege we inherit. There is no death in liberty. As Patrick Henry tells us, they cannot be further apart.

Ruth Barnes

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