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A Tribute to Mothers

Certain days are set aside to honor special events. We celebrate Christmas and Easter. Birthdays and anniversaries are recognized as personal celebrations. Mother’s Day, however, is a tribute to a unique group of people.

Whatever their ages, mothers are universally recognized. No matter what their situations are, one thing is certain. A mother’s love transcends everything else. It rises above obstacles and is sacrificial in scope. A mother deeply cares for her children, recognizing they are a very extension of herself.

Trials will come. Unfortunate things will occur. Growth, however, will come from these events. She will increase in wisdom as her children grow in strength. Love is the foundation of motherhood.

Growing pains are inevitable for all of them. A mother no doubt will recognize her shortcomings. What should I do? Do I need more patience, love, and/or understanding? Knowing her children are always watching her should be an incentive to look inside herself and honestly ask how she could change or improve.

As Christian mothers we see everything as a gift from God. He has blessed us richly in many different ways and circumstances.

A mother is the heart of the home, and her desire is that her children grow in their understanding of what all of life entails. God is their foundation, and their mother’s love builds their character. Asking for wisdom is an ongoing process for a mother as she teaches them the values of life. As her children mature, they will learn the importance of love, patience, and understanding. Godly characteristics become the fabric of their lives. A mother’s life in all she does and says is her children’s example.

Many times, God shows a mother her shortcomings. She needs to learn and grow just as her children need to do. Tragic events occur. The loss of a child causes her to grieve and then to grow. The Lord teaches us in both good and unfortunate circumstances.

Speaking from experience, the loss of my 20-month-old daughter to cancer is devastating. Perhaps the Lord needed her more. A Comforting thought is the fact that I’ll see her again.

Through that trial, the Lord taught me to be more aware of people’s needs and minister to them in various ways.

Some people ask, “How many children do you have?” We say, “Two. One with us and one with the Lord.”

Mother’s Day is a day to be thankful and appreciate sacrifices that have been made and the lessons learned from them.

-Ruth Barnes

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