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Conquering Love

“Love conquers all.” How many times have we heard this expression? Sincere love puts others first. It is genuine, caring more about others than self. As believers, we know that love is the epitome of personal qualities as seen in the character of Christ. Because of love, He sacrificed Himself to pay for the sins of each of us. He didn’t put Himself first but took our place to die and redeem us so that we wouldn’t have to die for our own sins and spend the rest of eternity apart from Him. We know His love conquered all that was needed to purchase our redemption. He expects us, as His blood-bought children, to show that same love to a dying world. We know that Christ’s love overcomes everything we encounter. As believers, we always have His presence—the Holy Spirit—with us. He comforts and encourages us when He sees our need in a particular situation. We experience peace when we know God is in control of everything.

Several years ago my husband and I developed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and breast cancer respectively. Many times our chemotherapy sessions overlapped. There were several small rooms around the nurse’s station, and each had four or five chairs for those who needed their treatments. One such time we both needed our chemo at the same time. A room with only two chairs was available. The nurse looked at us and quipped, “Oh, look, it’s the honeymoon suite.” At first we didn’t know how to react, but then we realized that it was one of the many things we do together. However, this topped them all!

God’s love overcomes everything. We need to be thankful in all good and not-so-good situations. His purposes are accomplished in our lives as we yield to Him. Our faith in Him becomes deeper as we draw closer to Him. Those around us will recognize those special qualities of patience and gentleness as well as goodness and meekness. Perhaps the most important one is love for others, which points the way to Him.

The world needs to recognize Christ in us with qualities that exude His characteristics. We need to remember that it is not about us. It is all about HIm.

He “conquered all” because of His love for us and overcame sin with His death and resurrection.

-Ruth Barnes

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