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<Forward in Faith Letter to Church

Dear Church Family,

On April 26th we will hold our “Forward In Faith” building program launch banquet. From the time that a burden was laid on my heart almost three years ago, God has increased my vision for what I believe He wants to do here at BHBC.

During this banquet, we will enjoy a delicious meal and then hear Dr. Randy King challenge us to go “Forward In Faith”. Additionally, I will be sharing the need for this addition and sharing a concept design that will include the elements needed to meet our current needs and those needs going into the future.

We will have a better understanding of the cost of the project and then I will project a plan for raising money and prayer that will lead us, by God’s grace, to see this vision become a reality.

This really isn’t primarily about putting up a building but rather, seeking God to accomplish something truly amazing here. It will be a faith building time as together we pray, labor, and give to this impossible goal.

I am asking you to begin praying about what God would have you to give toward this project. We will be taking a “Forward in Faith” offering the next Sunday, April 30th. Perhaps God would lead you to give a one time lump sum or perhaps, weekly or monthly toward the need. Ask God what He would do through you , not what you think you can do. As we seek him, He will grow our faith for this important task.

Mark your calendars now and plan to be present for this exciting launch. That same week we will hold special meetings with Dr. King from Sunday, April 23rd - Tuesday April 25th. Let’s plan and pray for God’s complete work that week.



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