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He is Alive! The True Meaning of Easter

Many unbelievers attend Easter services because it is the thing to do, and they consider it a ritual. The day includes not only church services but also—and many times more important to them—relaxation, special food with family and friends, and Easter egg hunts. To some people these things are part of their traditions, but there is so much more. The true meaning of Easter falls on deaf ears. They hear but don’t understand. Their thoughts are only occupied with the things they can see, hear, touch, and taste.

As believers, we know that Easter is a spiritual reality. Belief in the resurrection is necessary for our salvation. In the book of First Corinthians (15:17), Paul says, “If Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain.” We honor His death on Good Friday and celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday.

We can never realize the depth of His love for us. His death and resurrection are personal—He did it for me alone. The world can never fathom this concept; but once they become true believers, it will be the benchmark of their faith.

Belief in His death on the cross of Calvary and His resurrection gives us eternal life forever with Him. To only believe in His death on the cross, however, does not complete our salvation. Not to ever minimize His death and what it represents, belief in His victorious resurrection completes our redemption experience.

This Easter may we all as believers give Him the honor that He deserves with thankfulness for all He has done. It is because He loves us that He made the ultimate sacrifice by dying for every one of our sins, defeating sin, and rising from the grave in victory.

Ruth Barnes

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Apr 03, 2023

Yes, the power of ressurection become ours when we believe. I am encouraged by reading your article. Thank you, Mrs. Barn.

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