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Memorial Day

All of us can be categorized in one or two particular ways. Are we mostly givers or takers? We all enjoy receiving gifts whether it is for a birthday, a special day, or at Christmastime. Sometimes we take a gift for granted. Perhaps we expected it. Think of the giver. What was the motivation behind the giving?

Putting others’ needs before our own is sometimes difficult. We have so many things to do ourselves. Our time is important to us. Commitments to our jobs, our families, or other responsibilities (whether great or small) all concern our involvement.

Do we have time for others? Can we spend some time visiting a neighbor, volunteering at a shelter, helping a friend, or making a phone call to encourage someone? The reaction of the recipient isn’t important to the one who gives. Thankfulness or appreciation is secondary. The satisfaction is in the giving.

This Memorial Day we recognize those who put their country first and paid the ultimate price. Sacrifice is the willingness to serve no matter what the cost. In their minds they had the resolve to serve unselfishly. In their wills they made that commitment without reservation. In their emotions they had the desire to act on what they believed.

God and country take first place. He has given us many freedoms. As someone has said, an apt response would be “I stand for the flag and kneel at the cross.”

by Ruth Barnes

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