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Our Labor and Reward

For most people summer is synonymous with vacation—that time to get away, relax, enjoy, and unwind. Unfortunately, everything must come to an end. Before we know it, we need to settle back into our normal routine. Whatever our responsibilities, we should have a renewed diligence to be and to do our best.

Labor Day, in effect, is a time of taking inventory of ourselves in whatever stage we are in life. Each of us needs to ask ourself how to do a better job with the talents and abilities God has given. How can I be more efficient and become better?

It is interesting that the Bible has much to say about our labor. We are told in Scripture that it is important to the Lord. As we do our jobs unto Him, He is pleased and rewards us as He sees fit. That might be in a monetary way, but He is also in the business of developing character.

Scripture says that your labor is not in vain. We appreciate raises at work, but that adds more responsibilities. God knows you are able to handle them. He has given you the ability.

God gives rewards for labor in other ways. A student who completes his education reaps the success of his achievement as he prays for direction in his life. God also gives believing parents the patience and ability to teach their children about Him. A mature child who loves the Lord and becomes a believer is the reward of his parents’ labors.

A Bible teacher who studies or-labors-in studying the Scriptures will no doubt see souls won because of his faithfulness in using the ability God gave him.

All these accomplishments require labor to become better individuals who then can teach and encourage others what it means when the Scripture says “your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

by Ruth Barnes

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