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Roller Skating 2021- A Great Night of Fellowship!

The time has arrived for one of our church's most beloved annual traditions - a night of roller skating at the Skate Station in Brunswick! Each year in February we rent out the whole place, play Patch the Pirate music, feast on a spread of delicious food, and whiz (or wobble) around the rink. Whether a skating pro or merely an observer, everyone has a chance to participate.

Here William Perkins looks excited to demonstrate the skills he's been working on since last year!

It's okay to need a little help! The process of learning to skate takes a LOT of humility, balance, and ungraceful lurches toward the safety of the side wall (some of us know this struggle all too well).

Mrs. Royalty is just as encouraging on the rink as she is everywhere else...she helped many a nervous or unsure skater.

Our people enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship both on and off the rink. And who could resist Mrs. Kojima's homemade curry or Mrs. LiBassi's iconic pulled pork?

Look at those smiles!

Did you even go roller skating if you didn't take a selfie? We are in awe of Pastor's selfie-taking skills!

And last, but not least, there are definitely bonus points for skating fabulously while simultaneously pushing a child in a stroller!

We are thankful that no injuries occurred that night, although there were several epic pile-ups on the rink. Just a lot of laughs and quite a few sore muscles the next day...

Did you miss out on this year's skating event? Have no fear, you will have the chance to join us again at the Skate Station next February!

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