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After coming through a month of teaching Stewardship Principles, It is good to review some foundational truths.

Having a schedule is a necessary part of life. Where would we be without calendars, datebooks, and reminders on our phones? Following a schedule, however, is another matter. Two questions need to be considered. What is important? What is necessary? Schedules change, and distractions come. How should we handle them efficiently and in a timely manner so that we can return to our own commitments?

The purpose of a schedule is to keep us on track-both with and without distractions. It’s a tool to keep us focused. If we didn’t have anything to guide us, our day would be haphazard at best.

Adherence to a schedule many times involves changes and distractions. Having this resolve to stay on course makes things more tolerable. Keeping priorities straight and asking these 2 questions (above) concerning our original list, helps us get back on track.

Having a commitment is every bit as important-or more so- than having a schedule. A schedule helps you stay organized. A commitment involves doing things in a timely manner with certain things more important than others. When we commit to a person or project, it will give us the incentive to be diligent in fulfilling our responsibilities. Are we willing to give our time and/or our resources? How much of ourselves are we willing to invest. Committing to people may involve helping them on a regular basis. Are we willing to see their need and respond appropriately? Committing to a project may involve our time, talents, and resources.

Stewardship is along the same line as commitment. However, it has a deep, more permanent application. It involves an ongoing relationship. How much of ourselves and all we are belong to God? He is the Creator of the world and all that is in it. He has made each of us and desires that we personally recognize all He has done. He has given so much to each of us. What can we give Him to show our appreciation? We can ask Him to use the talents and abilities He has given us. In other words, we need to give all of ourselves back to Him. Everything belongs to Him including us. Pray about everything. Ask God to use you as well as your resources. Dedicate your home to the Lord. He may use you to host others, whether with a Bible study or to house missionaries. Dedicate your car. Your church probably knows of someone who needs a ride to church. if you’re a good cook, see if you can be used to help in that area. The Lord made you and desires that you recognize all He has done.

Perhaps the Lord has given you monetary blessings. The more you love God and have your priorities straight, the more you realize that God loves a cheerful giver. God can use this gift to bless others in unimaginable ways. Trust God with your money. Give without reserve. God will bless you in ways you’ll never believe.

by Ruth Barnes

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