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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a day God has given to us to recognize and thank Him for all our blessings.

God has created all of us with several unique qualities. Many lay dormant without being exercised while others are easily recognized. We all need to cultivate not only our good characteristics but also those that need improvement.

Human nature sometimes gets in the way as we try to consistently work on improving our weak areas. All of us need to mature in many different ways; but for most of us one area needs special attention—thankfulness.

As we think of a normal day in our lives, do we appreciate small blessings? In our everyday activities all of us need to pay more attention to those things that happen around us.

Can others recognize thankfulness in our lives? Are we living in such a way that shows what is really important to us?

We need to be thankful for everything in our lives. What you consider as a trial now, God sees as an ultimate triumph.

Thanksgiving is a day to remember and appreciate all God has given to us.

For the believer, thankfulness should be a way of life. As we thank Him for His goodness and blessings to us, we need to remember that sometimes unfortunate things happen to us that don’t seem like blessings at all. But the believer knows that everything works out for good because God is in control.

Many times the reason for a particular trial seems unclear when we go through it. However, when looking back, God may give us insight or just expect us to trust Him, knowing He has a higher purpose. Giving thanks in rough times is just as important as thanking Him for the results. Trust Him to work in your life to make you a blessing to others.

by Ruth Barnes

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