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  • Abby Perkins

The Tradition Continues: BHBC Thanksgiving Dinner 2020

Our annual Thanksgiving Dinner looked a little different this year, but that didn't stop us from enjoying fantastic homemade food and sharing our blessings from the past 12 months. Due to COVID-19, we adjusted our normal format to make sure everyone stayed healthy and felt safe.

We are thankful for the BHBC teens and young adults who did the majority of the serving that night. They did a great job!

Serving turkey, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes is a big responsibility -- but in this picture, A.J. Perkins and Nathan Royalty seem to be handling the stress. Are they smiling under those masks? We'll never know for sure....

No one went hungry that night! We are blessed to have "exceeding abundantly" above what we need.

Of course, who can forget dessert? Our dessert ladies worked hard to plate individual servings of delicious homemade pies and cookies.

After the meal, we had the opportunity to give towards our annual Missionary Christmas offering. Each year, we as a church commit to pray and ask the Lord what He would have us give as a love offering for our missionary families. This is a step of faith for us all and a chance to let God work in our lives in a mighty way.

After the offering, we so enjoyed hearing the testimonies of thanksgiving from our church family. For most if not all of us, 2020 has been a chaotic and challenging year. But we have also seen prayers answered, our faith grown, and souls saved. Even in the midst of a pandemic, we have much to be thankful for!

Psalm 107:1 - "O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."

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