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We Honor Them

This time of year there are three important days to celebrate. Christmas is a bedrock of our faith. On Thanksgiving we give thanks to God for all our blessings. There is, however, one other day to be celebrated. This third important day, Veteran’s Day, honors all those men and women who have put country first. Their service is commendable and a tribute to their priorities.

We need to remember their sacrifice and honor their commitment to protect our liberties as a nation. Whether in combat or in peace time duties, their dedication can be seen in their willingness to do their best in all situations.

To them, discipline is the key ingredient in everything. As the number one priority, they can accomplish whatever is expected. Many times when someone is drafted or has enlisted, they are unaware of what they will do. They need to have the courage to accept their responsibilities and the discipline to follow through.

Veterans are those who give all of themselves in every possible way. They can be recognized by their love of country, their unwavering commitment, and their recognition of our freedoms as a nation.

How will you honor them? They consider their country a high priority. You are part of that country. Give thanks!

by Ruth Barnes

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