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Weathering the Storms of Life

The month of March is very unpredictable when it comes to weather. For a great many of us, it is usually chilly and rainy, but perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised by an unexpected warm and/or sunny day. To say the least, we need to be ready for almost anything, even snow. Sometimes these weather patterns surprise us by their intensity and duration. For a great many of us, it is a look forward to spring and the promise of better days to come.

Many times our lives as believers can be compared to the volatility of the weather. They often change quickly and without warning, leaving us totally unprepared. As believers we know that trials will inevitably come our way. How can we be ready? Just as we put on coats for protection from the cold and precipitation, so we need to clothe ourselves in prayer. Sometimes our trials seem to weigh us down, and we wonder when they will ever end. But as we daily read His Word and spend time in prayer, we have the assurance that whatever happens, He is in control. These are two important ways that we learn to depend on Him more.

God always teaches us individually. Whatever weather is ahead of each of us, we need to recognize that He has a purpose. Sunshine and rain are both of His making, and He brings the two into our lives as He sees fit. We are always grateful for times of blessings. However, we need endurance as we go through hard times. In both areas we must stay close to Him. Thankfulness in everything is the key. No matter what we are experiencing, He deserves our praise. Ask Him to give you a teachable spirit.

As opportunities arise, by His leading, you can share with others how you were encouraged. We need to remember that He is always working in our lives to conform us to be more like Him.

Ruth Barnes

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